Kroger Feedback Customer Survey- Free Points

Looking for free feedback points? Krogerfeedback has creative way of offering free bonus points, fuel points and 5000$ offer card and 100$ grocery points.

Just by filling up their customer satisfaction survey you get amazon offers from them including sweepstakes which you’ll learn how to get them.

UPDATED on Aug 17, 2019: Kroger had introduced a different URL for customer satisfaction survey for its customer to make it easy and they call it as Kroger Store

Kroger Feedback is a survey website where they provide free coupons and points in exchange of feedback. Basically they ask these reviews because they can use the date which you are filling up to improvise their service. There are few requirements to get the points in return so i’ll provide them below :


KrogerFeedback Customer Survey :

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1. You must have visited any of their marketplace, pharmacy or grocery store within a week and if it exceeds then you are not eligible to attend this survey.

2. Receipt number which has been given to you when you did the purchase is important because this is how they cross-check whether you are their customer or not.

3. The date of purchase is also important which is printed in the receipt.

4. Your loyalty number or identification number is required so that you will get your reward points in that as well as for verification purpose.

Note : We request you to read terms and conditions before you start filling up the feedback as to know where they would be using all these data you are filling up.

Steps : customer survey

This process can only be done online so you would require proper internet connection first.

  • Open their official website : /
  • Complete entering the Date, time, Entry ID from your receipt.
  • Survey starts from 1% and when he progress bar reached 100% you are done.
  • One by one when you complete the questions the last form is important where you enter your loyalty number, name and address.

Note : You must be 18+ in order to take up this process otherwise you are not eligible. If you are attending just for the sweepstakes then this limitation is lifted off. You must live within United States to attend the sweepstakes and the result will be published in their official website.

Kroger also offers few more bonuses such as bonus card, weekly coupons and other discounts directly to your mail.

NEW TIP : Krogerfeedback Friday Coupon

It is possible to avail free items every Friday using your your loyalty free card using digital-free items in the store. Make sure you remember to note them the next time you visit the store.

Final note on KrogerFeedback :

Finally , you are at the end post and we would like to inform you a small disclaimer that we are in no way associated with the official website and this is just for informational purpose. We don not ask any login details in this site and we request you only to login on their official website Hereby we declare that is not affiliated with any of the kroger’s domains and for action taken by user, we aren’t responsible is something goes wrong.

That’s it you will get your offers in-return by now and if you have any doubts you can comment below so that we will reply you with your issue regarding to that.

Working hours of kroger is from 8 AM to midnight on weekdays and on weekends they work only till 9:30PM, to contact one of their customer support call here at 1-800-576-43770 one of their support team will be answering you regarding your issue.

If this article has provided the proper steps for logging kroger feedback customer survey website and filling up the required information then share it with your friends.

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  1. I went to Kroger on 5 1 18 spent 60 dollars showed up went to Kroger 5 3 18 18 00 did nit add points to gather

    • Kroger prices are ridiculous. But the suits won’t deal with it because its welfare and social security and its easy taxpayer money saw a group of ladies complaining about the price of meat..Kroger in Brinkley Arkansas will be the store that a person goes to if you just happen to need something…like a 7/11 store..the five for $19.99 sucks big time..My wife and I would rather drive to stutgart and hit Walmart or the supersaver store down the street. Its a drive but when a market raises prices just because they can..I and we are taking our business else where. A lot of folks work for their moneyand we refuse to be taken advantage of…Aparently I am not the only one complaing..Kroger you should really read your posts …if you care….we just want fairness….

      • Please go to I do the survey each week to get fuel points. It was never problem for me to find the website. Please try again.

  2. On the receipt there are only 4 sequence of numbers, 540, 65, 102, 526. There’s are not enough numbers printed on receipt.This receipt is for the pharmacy dated 6/4/18 @ 7:53 pm.

  3. My comment is the same as everyone elses——-Been doing the survey for years and now it is impossible to get into the survey

    • Once you clicked on “Enter Survey”, You will be taken to official website. Follow the procedure to complete your survey

    • Once you clicked on “Enter Survey”, You will be taken to official website. Follow the procedure to complete your survey

  4. Your store located at 12150 South Pulaski has become so ghetto I don’t enjoy shopping there anymore ! Customer service sucks and now there are long checkout line’s with only two lanes open and self checkout closed!not to mention that cashier was eating a sandwich while checking out customers

  5. I cannot enter your survey. The web site is not functioning.
    I suggest you get professional IT experts to help you.

    Even your 800 number listed is incorrect.

    Get a caring executive to try to “crack” into your survey.

  6. Finding the actual site to take the survey and get fuel points is almost impossible. I will be almost glad when I leave the Kroger network and am not tempted to try to get my fuel points. It used to be easy but not anymore. Still haven’t found it today.

  7. Tell you how you’re doing? Never got a chance to enter my date / time / entry I’D # ????? Took your survey online but no navigation to receive my entry

  8. Kesha G. was my cashier and she was very helpful, kind, Cheersful, and pleasant. Thank you for being so thoughtful.
    I never could find the survey.

  9. What happened to the old web site to get the 50 points? Did some new marketing guru have a mental fart and screw up everything? The only people that fill out the surveys are us seniors that have the time and patience. Don’t make it difficult. Publics is just down the street.

  10. I am about to give up shopping with Kroger. Digital coupons are good with checklist only on some items. I don’t want to have to keep track of i buy 5 items to get the sale price. Items are always moved and labels changed. I JUST WANT TO BUY MY GROCERIES AT THE BEST PRICE AND GO HOME. Kroger is becoming the most frustrating shopping trip i make. About to say GOOD BYE! I don’t even care about your gas discounts. I just want a simple grocery trip.

    Yes I want a reply from you. I want to know that you actually read imput. I never wanted to shop Wal-Mart for my groceries but you have fun me off to them.

  11. I am commenting on the Fred Myer “my magazine” that just came out. There is an article about using antiperspirants that contain aluminum. It is strongly felt by the medical community that using an antiperspirant that contains aluminum contributes to breast cancer. Statistically there is a much higher incidence of cancer in areas where aluminum is being processed. Use natural deodorants such as Tom’s of Maine.
    This is something that needs to be corrected.

  12. Sorry, this website and all you ask is crazy, the old site was easy to use, won’t waste anymore of my time for this.

  13. VERY HARD TO find the survey for fuel points if ever! I listed on line with all that BS and still no luck! WHY? Kroger is making it much easier to start with HEB. I don’t need 10 items of similar kinds etc., especially as my being a single person……

  14. Bought a few groc. & receipt had NO numbers to enter for survey & get double points. Got $140 groc. today & told the cashier about the previous time. I get home & check receipt & again NO numbers to enter survey for double fuel points. WHY????

  15. why is it so hard to get the digetial coupons on my phone you have good sales on them but I can not do them because it is imposible to do I have talked to others who can not get this either can you make it easier to do .

  16. Last Tuesday on Senior Citizen day I returned from grocery shopping from what used to be a fairly enjoyable experience, is now a trip into the unknown. I have been a loyal Kroger customer since your store on Salem Road in Conway, AR opened. You just can’t let well enough alone. You are losing shoppers to the WalMarket just down the road and I am very close to changing my shopping too. Why? Let me lists the reasons:

    1. I HATE the self check out stations. I was in your store yesterday. Picked up two items and you no longer have a person in an express line. Forced to use something I HATE, or stand in line behind people with full carts. Shame on you. Old people DO NOT LIKE SELF CHECKOUT. Let me repeat: OLD PEOPLE DO NOT LIKE SELF CHECKOUT!

    2. I use a lot of the nutritional items and it used to be very easy to run in and pick them up because they were all in the same area. Now you have decided to play hide and seek. They are ALL OVER THE STORE. I made at least three trips backwards to try and find what I need.

    3. My daughter often shops for me after 10 p.m. since she says it is less crowded there. She was unable to use the dressing room to try an item on last week. She asked a worker to please unlock the door and was told the person with the key had just left. Seriously?? How hard is it for your workers to count the items as they go in the dressing room and when they come out? Someone should be able to let a customer in regardless of the hour.

    4. My daughter also had a basket full of items as she does my weekly shopping for me pretty often. Again, she goes late. At 10:30 there were NO checkout stands open and she asked a worker if they could open one since she had a very full basket. She said there were three or four employees milling around and no one would do it for her, so she had to use the dreaded self checkout.

    5. Last Tuesday morning I was trying to check out with a fairly large basket of groceries. One checker!!!!! People this is senior citizen day and you have ONE checker. I asked if they would call another checker to the front and was told someone was supposed to have come in at 8 but didn’t show up. Had to stand in line in the only lane that had a checker and the poor woman looked pretty frazzled.

    I used to run into your store, gather what I needed and out in 30 minutes. Now it usually takes an hour to find everything and get out of there. I don’t really want to spend all my time in the store and I am not into your on line shopping where you can drive by and pick it up. I am fed up and am going to give the WalMart Neighborhood market a shop.

    Kroger is no longer a customer friendly shopping experience. How sad.

    Carol Hutchins

    2235 Charlie Dayer Drive

    Conway, AR 72032

  17. Very poor service since going to customer check outs and no 15 or less checkout counters. Waited too long for checkouts – purpose to do away with clerks and have people do online shopping. Looking for new grocery store with service until Krogers wakeup.

  18. I have finally found what I am looking for. A Whole Food Store in Hardin County. I have to travel on the other side of the county to get there. But it’s definitely worth it. The second time I am there an employee tells me that Kroger is going to close it down. I find that disturbing. Most people go in that store to get groceries & NOT the healthy foods & vitamins it offers. Well, the Health Food Store in Radcliff had to close. I don’t like it. The other health food store in Radcliff is a Chinese store. The Chinese is taking over the USA. There is another 1 in E-town Mall. I don’t care for it. The BEST way for your Whole Food Store to profit & make a BIG name for it. Is to separate the Whole Foods from the grocery store. By putting it in another building. Then I see BIG profits for the 2. That is if you are wanting to make some BIG bucks off the 2 of them.

  19. Tried to enter my recite from 11/18/18 for my fuel points – an Have No results ?? Why ? 235.95$ an No way to collect My Points ? Help Me or I Start Shopping at WAL-MART- AGAIN !! YOUR CHOICE !! !!!

  20. On 10/4/18 I mailed a letter to Vine Street – Ohio, along with copies of receipts and store flyers showing where I was overcharged. Also had a coupon for 200 bonus points which did not add to my points balance on the receipt. I have never received a reply,and as a loyal Kroger customer find this disturbing.

  21. I became sick from foods I consumed and purchased at Smiths grocery stores in Las Vegas and not one dam thing has been done to reimburse me for necessary medical treatment. Only received refund for the spoiled foods sold to me.

  22. whats the deal you have digital coupons but you cant get the sale price unless the person has a cell phone. well to tell ya the truth I dont have a cell phone & I dont need 5 of this or that so in other words you lost a customer cuss if you dont care I dont either

  23. tried to enter survey twice in last 2 days. After entering data on first page, I was not allowed to select The store where I shop. The “yes, no” survey question to this entry could not be selected for some reason. Never had this problem before.

  24. cant find the survey. Been doing this for years and now cant find the survey. What is going on??? I dont think you really want me to fill this out when you make it so hard to find.

  25. Terrible set up on your fuel points. I am sure a lot give up before ever getting to fill one out. There is not a score on this part

  26. Can’t get to the site! This is the most maddening site! Takes 15 to 30 minutes to find it. You must want people to get irritated and quit. Well…that works. But remember this…Miejers is open.

  27. I am Deaf person and email to info me pls Thanks
    Entry: 034-424-99-308-18-117
    “Dominque”- Cashier works

  28. I can never get on to do the survey.Many many times I have to call on the phone. This web site is awful.Bad publicity.Get it fixed.

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